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RE: Yellow Konis

Oh yeah, I agree with Stephen on this one is what I meant to say...  :^)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Doug Johnson <ur-quattro@msn.com>
> I've had about 12 people who said "I'll take them."  Will you same people
> go
> to eBay and bid, instead of making me do paperwork?  Better question would
> be is there anyone who has said they would buy the Konis who would NOT bid
> on them at eBay?
> This is a feeler, since a check is in the mail from first bidder.  Be
> honest
> folks, tell me whether to sell them to the first bidder, or go with the
> "bidding war" as suggested in original post.  The first bidder told me
> "your
> call" when I said there were many others interested.
> >Used about a year to travel seven _hard_ miles each way to work and =
> >back.  Maybe $150 including shipping (unless I get a bidding war).
> You quoted a price, sell them for that price. I think a mistake was made
> in
> including a reference to either
> a) Bidding, or
> b) Set price.
> It's one or the other.