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Re: 18" Wheels for my S6

I like your taste in wheels.  I guess that's why you have an S6 to 
put them on.

You might consider looking in to HRE wheels.  I don't know how 
much they cost, but the ads they place show some good looking 

Check http://www.recycler.com for some used wheels.  Those 
Californians are conspicuous consumers, and you may find 
something there.


Lee Hansen <lee2ctahoe@thegrid.net> wrote:
> I have been searching for months for 18" wheels for my S6. Somehow I
> ended up with 15's as oem's which won't work with a brake upgrade.
> Can anyone help with a source for used (I can't afford the new ones -
> have you seen the prices - wow) light weight wheels like
> Kinesis/Fikse/Hamann/OZ/BBS/ABT? I'm trying to upgrade
> wheels/tires/brakes/suspension along with engine upgrades and the total
> cost is a bit much. Thanks for any help - I appreciate it.