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'85 UrQ Questions

Well, first of all, ITS ALIVE!!!  Put the engine back together today and
all the associated plumbing and it started!  It took some doing though,
which hopefully someone can help me with.

1) The fuel pump wasnt running.  I checked the fuse and wiring etc and
it was all fine. Wasnt getting 12V to the pump during cranking. I
couldnt find the fuel pump relay either though... its not referenced
anywhere! Not in the fuse box or the inside relay box.  If I recall, the
relay to in my '83 Ur was inside. I cant find it anywhere, and its not
referenced on the diagram. Call my cynical, But Im guessing there should
be one somewhere.

anyway..I jumper 12v to the pump, hit the key and it purred like a
kitten. Ran well, started well and sounded really smooth!
Needless to say now that it runs Im finding other 'issues'...such as:

2) The radiator leaks. OK maybe leaks is a bad word... it Gushes.  Ill
take that out tomorrow.  I have a spare one from an 84 4000Q, is it the
same? (please please please).

3) Sending unit on the back of the head near the thermo time switch.
What does that do for me? (on mine its a single post type sending unit,
but cant seem to find an associated wire)

4) Sending unit on side of head near cyl 1 and near thermostat housing.
Im guessing temp, but alas there is no temp gauge. Its also the single
post type, but it has a wire)

Any help appreciated!!! Thank you!