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Re: What years did the 5000 have quad headlights?

Steve -

> Before you try the expense of this, try using xenon charged 9007 bulbs in
> the turbo headlights. I made this conversion and lighting is dramatically
> better. Basically, you have to break one of the three retaining tabs and
> swap two wires.

I've heard this before for the 4k's but hadn't heard it for our 5k's. So
when you break that one tab off, you still _could_ use 9004's, right? 

Maybe I will try this. My lenses are in very good shape, and I'm not
going to do Euro lights... but I do need to put relays, since the
positive terminal is a full volt below the jump-start post.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 161k