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Qs: 4kq operating temp & identifying 1987.5 model

Well, that about summs it up...

1) What is the appropriate range of operating temeratures for a 4kcsq,
according to the needle on the dash? Mine runs up to 1 line past the middle
line when I let it idle for a while, and it runs right around the middle
line or just above, when I'm driving.

2) How do you tell if you have a 1987.5 vs. a 1987 4kcsq? I've heard people
say that the 87.5 has a bigger engine, and that it has body colored side
view mirrors & an all digital dash. Mine has body colored side views, but a
standard analog speedo & tach. There are pics at
www.est.org/~dorfman/audi/4kcsq if any of you can tell just by looking. 

The car is still for sale, and I figure these are two important details I
ought to know about it when selling it. For those who saw my previous post,
the overheating problems seem to have been solved simply by topping off the
coolant. It was above minimum before, but now it's full. The flashing temp
light is gone, and the temp is as stated - no longer hot enough to steam
rain off the hood, even after 15 mintues of idling.


'87 4kcsq (for sale)
'94 del sol VTEC
'00 S4 Santorin/Silver