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LI, NY alignment shop WARNING

Sorry, all. Sent that last message 'ere I was finished with ranting, raving,

These guys seemed to enjoy the screw-job. The worst part was watching them
laughing as I was leaving. I never allow myself to get taken advantage of like
that, and was initially disappointed in myself. Now, though, I pity those
losers. If they needed my 50 bucks that bad, they can have it. They'll be out of
business shortly if they continue to rip off customers like this. So here's my
contribution to that end:

Any listers who may find themselves on Long Island needing service, please call
or email me (516-262-7392, fiatlancia@earthlink.net) and I'll recommend some
great, reputable places to you. And above all, avoid FOSTERS AUTOMOTIVE in

Craig, thanks for the verification that I was not nuts in my perception of
proper business practices. I do understand that they did spend time on the car,
but the price they quoted me was $48.99 for an alignment, and they did not do
the alignment. I offered to free up and/or change the adjusters and return to
them afterward for an alignment during our "negotiations" but they were
completely inflexible and wanted the full amount right then and there for their
20-30 minutes of no progress.

Right? Wrong? Any lister-mechanics that feel strongly about the matter? Again,
I'll take the flames in the name of education.

Thanks for letting me vent like a cheap Pentosin cap.

Appreciate your help, input, and understanding.

Shaun Folkerts
'89 2CQW

"Craig D. Niederst" wrote:

> Shaun,
> My regular mechanic did not charge me for their attempt at an alignment. The
> severe front end shake is unrelated to the alignment. I've had the front
> struts, strut mounts, strut bearings, all bushes and a tie rod end replaced
> by my normal mechanic to attempt to stop the shake (although the struts,
> mounts and bearings were done just as regular wear type items). The shake
> occurs with both my summer and winter wheels, so its not tire / wheel
> related. I have no idea what else it could be. They did find a ripped CV
> boot this time, but they assure me that the actual CV joint was OK and just
> needed a new boot and grease. Well, I guess I will just have to live with
> it.
> Craig
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> From: Shaun Folkerts <fiatlancia@earthlink.net>
> To: Craig D. Niederst <niederst@telerama.com>
> Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 11:24 PM
> Subject: Re: Why did I take my car to the dealer?
> > Might I ask: what did your "regular" alignment shop charge you when they
> > realized the parts were frozen and could not complete the alignment?
> > The dealer did free the adjusters and align the car (although not solve
> the
> > shimmy issue)?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Shaun Folkerts
> >
> >
> >
> > "Craig D. Niederst" wrote:
> >
> > > Went to pick my '92 100S up from the dealer this evening (Day Audi in
> > > Pittsburgh). I took the car in for state inspection / emissions, an
> > > alignment (since my regular shop said the adjusters were frozen and they
> > > couldn't do it) and to diagnose three lingering problems that I had: (1)
> > > Severe shake from front end at highway speeds, (2) Coolant coming out
> from
> > > coolant cap even though the car does not overheat and (3) Tranny leak.
> Car
> > > passed inspection / emissions. But their answers to my other problems
> were a
> > > joke. They claimed they could not find a shake from the front end at
> highway
> > > speeds. But they did say I had a torn CV boot, and possibly a bad CV.
> They
> > > quoted me $208 to fix it, but as I found out when I picked it up the
> $208
> > > was to replace the ripped boot (they claim the CV was OK)! They pressure
> > > tested my coolant system, checked the fans, etc and found nothing wrong.
> I
> > > posted the conclusion about the tranny leak before, which they said was
> a
> > > leak through the casting. They claim it is nothing to worry about. I
> > > disagree, because enough fluid is leaking for it to drip onto my
> passenger
> > > side cat and cause a smell every time I drive the car for more than a
> short
> > > run. So on my ride home on the PA turnpike, within 5 minutes of leaving
> the
> > > dealer I have my severe high speed shake. Get off at my exit and when I
> stop
> > > to pay the toll, there's the burning tranny fluid smell. And to boot,
> when I
> > > go top get change from the ashtray to pay the toll, all of my change is
> gone
> > > (there was at least $10 in quarters in there when I dropped the car off
> last
> > > week). I hate to go into the garage right now fearing there will be
> coolant
> > > all over the floor. I figured I'd give another dealer a chance with my
> car
> > > (already had a bad experience with another dealer before). Big mistake.
> So I
> > > paid $358 for a state inspection, emissions, alignment and a CV boot
> > > (actually $368 if you count my stolen change). Can you say monkey lads
> with
> > > a capital M? Of course I'll call to complain tomorrow when the service
> > > manager and monkey lad mechanic are there, but I doubt I'll get any
> > > satisfaction. Rant mode off.
> > >
> > > Craig
> > > '92 100S (86k)
> >