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Re: Turbo questions - K24, WG Spring etc.

>     I think what is being reffered to here is known a "boost creep", or the
> condition when the waste gate spring is not initially stiff enough and allows
> the wastegate to crack open at a pressure level well below its maximum.

Shouldn't happen on a MAC11/12/14 car with a WGFV because the ECU applies
extra pressure to hold the wastegate closed as soon as it detects WoT.

Always a good idea to check the WoT switch in these cases.

In fact, it's always a good idea to check the WoT switch every service -
it's on the side of the throttle body and the lower two contacts should
close at about 65 degrees of throttle rotation.  Quickest and cheapest
40bhp you'll ever buy.

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