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Re: Non Audi content - fastest SUV on earth...

ok, here are the specs on the LM series from Lamborghini.
LM001 prototype introduced in 1981 4.7 liter v-8 382 hp top speed 180kmh.
never went into full production.
LM002 introduced in 1982 5.2 liter v-12 Countach engine 450hp. *6,800
lbs*!!! top speed 130mph (210kmh)
LMA introduced in 1982 replaced the LM001 revised suspension, chassis and
power steering. developed primarily for the military, front engine.
LM004  7 liter engine that would later be used in offshore competitions. Top
speed was clocked at approximately 200kmh (125mph). The only prototype was
built in 1986.

Mike Guidotti
87 5KTQ

> Rob,
> Great story. Anyway, the LM002 is _not_ anywhere near as fast as a
> C5 Vette. That's plain silly. The truck weighs 6000 lbs.!
> I think 0-60 was in the 7s, though. Of course, 0-60 runs probably
> suck about 10 gallons out of the tank- I think these trucks got about
> 6 mpg. Not 10 gallons maybe, but they ate gas like crazy.
> I heard that Lambo made a non-US-spec model of this truck as a last
> hurrah with the 8.0L marine block version of the V-12. 600hp in the
> boat version, don't know exactly how much hp when this thing is put
> into a truck.
> That's nothing, though. John Lingenfelter's shop built a GMC Suburban
> using a Mercruiser 9.0L marine block and a supercharger. It did 0-60
> in the 6s range. That's amazing. Also had 4-piston 13" Brembos and
> Bilstein suspension. Some crazy sheik in the Middle East is driving
> around in that monster. I'd love to have one of those, as a tow vehicle,
> of course.
> Regards,
> Taka Mizutani
> trying to get a 5ktq