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Re: Hood Struts

Blaufergnugen has them for $31.95


Tony Fordham
'90 200Q

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From: Matthew Caprio <cap29100@flash.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 6:56 PM
Subject: Hood Struts

> Car is 88 5kQnonT.
> I just drove to 6 different parts places looking for new hood
> struts/supports.  All the catalogs/ assortments had ones listed for
> cars, but any above 86... The dealer is just way too steep on these ($77
> I found some that were same configuration, but about an inch long ($20
> per).  Don't know if they were equal force, and wasn't sure if the extra
> length would work (perhaps it wouldn't collapse short enough).
> Has anyone found any acceptable replacements for these cars??  What where?