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Re: Audi V8

Now, now, there will be none of that.  Just because there are the precious
few of us who are lucky enough to own one does not mean that we should have
put up with others "painful" comments.  Although there are you out there who
are not in touch with the "spirits" I know I am.  So, I am not worried about
those lesser Audi owners possessing voodoo dolls.

Have a nice T-Day.




> Cynic5KS@aol.com writes:
>>My mechanic in NY sucks... He asked me to "step into his office"...
>>and let
>>me drive an Audi V8...
>>85 5Ks
> If it was a Stick Shift V8Q, I know where you can get some voodoo dolls
> reasonable....
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