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RE: Rear Suspension Thuds - Help


If it's 100k since replacing the shocks maybe time to have another  look. Have you changed the A arm bushes or ball joints, track rod ends, strut top mounts.  All these are favourite's to wear out, or maybe something has just come undone. Sorry it's nothing more conclusive but you need to get under and have a look. The bounce test in my opinion is a waste of time with stiffly sprung cars, unless  the shocks are really bad. 

With a 100k maybe all of the above could do with some attention, I just done all this on the front of my Q and it made  a BIG difference.



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Subject:	Rear Suspension Thuds - Help

I apologize for not identifying my car with my recent post.  That's what I 
get for being in too much of a hurry.

I've recently noticed what has developed into a rather severe noise someplace 
in the rear suspension when going over relatively small but abrupt changes in 
the road surface.  I never get any significant noise from the front 
suspension, but seem to get the noise on both sides of the rear suspension.  
I have 205/45R16 tires which exacerbate the suspension noise somewhat, but 
something has definitely deteriorated.  It's been close to 100K mi (155K 
total) since I 
replaced the rear shocks, but they still pass the bounce test.  I rather 
suspect that this noise situation has been a gradual rather than abrupt 
situation, but I can't swear to it.

Does anyone have any ideas, hopefully not expensive ones?  

Rob Greger
'88 80q