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Re: Hello

In a message dated 11/24/99 10:20:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
cobram@juno.com writes:

> >...1990...Quattro...automatic...?
>  >One of the above 3 is incorrect.
>  Maybe he owns a V8Q and doesn't even know it?  Or a 100 with a quattro
>  badge on the back?
>  1990...Quattro....Automatic...100
>  2/4 in this scenario. The 1990 type 44Q's were badged 200? Or maybe it
>  was just the turbos that were badged 200?  I forgets.

A bit of confusion on my part...and the car didn't help

My car has the quattro badges, but no diff lock on the console (which makes 
it of course FWD).

Sorry about that.