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Re: Timing belt R&R (and shop recommendation)

Michael Murphy wrote:

> > Shaun Folkerts wrote:
> > > Going in to Concord for the belt/pump/etc. tomorrow. Wish me luck...
> Well?
> --

They were great!
Here's the full report:

I arrived around 8:30. The owner, Marino, then rode with me to my office and
drove the car back to his shop after dropping me off. I showed up again
about 1PM. The pump and pulleys had been installed, and I had a real nice
conversation with the mechanic while he finished installing the belts,
covers, etc. He owns an older Fiat too, but that's another story for another
time for another list. Really knew his way around that Audi o'mine though.
While I was waiting for the mechanic to finish, Marino even offered to buy
me lunch!

I had a new steering rack boot in the back seat they were going to install
(for $80...fair price, right?), but they recommended that since the rack has
no noise, leaks, etc. that I should wait (see earlier-posted question).

The total charge was just what they had quoted: $120 plus tax.

The only flaw in the entire day was that this new water pump is a "warbler."
I'm sure most listers know the noise I am referring to. The mechanic said
the noise should subside as the belt stretches and loosens a bit. Is that
true? It was a new pump in the "Geba"? "Gebo"? box. So it's not a fault of
the mechanic, but a fault of the pump manufacturer? The old pump made no
noise, and I'm hoping this one will lose the 'singing' soon.

I flushed the coolant system once I got the car home. The green is gone,
replaced by Prestone orange. Not Pentosin exactly, but better than the
green, according to archives/earlier posts.

I now shift at a higher RPM, and have confidence in winding it out a little
further for a more interesting commute. Nice to drive without being nervous
about losing my belt at any minute.

I found this shop on the AudiFans website, and have nothing but positive
things to say about them. This shop should be seen as an asset to Audi
owners of the NYC/Long Island area. I'll return to them for future work, and
recommend them to others to do the same. No affiliation (other than as a
satisfied customer), financial gain, vested interests, etc. The contact

Concord Precision Auto Works
151 Jericho Turnpike
Jericho, NY 11753
(516) 997 - 4328
Ask for Marino.

Hope this helps those LI/NY listers out there that need (like I did) an
experienced shop that they can both afford and count on.

Please contact me if you need further information.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Shaun Folkerts
'89 200QW - with new TB/WP/tensioner/accessory belts/coolant