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K-Jet Problem

Hi everyone,
     I just finished installing a new engine (with some mild performance 
mods) this past week and I have a fuel delivery problem.

After cranking the car extensively still no start. Pulled #1 FI and no spray 
on cranking.  Removed air duct, jumpered fuel pump relay, lifted venturi 
plate. Fuel sprayed.  Since a new FI, removed FI reattached air duct and 
recranked.  No fuel at outlet of FI line.  Bypassed control pressure 
regulator by removing inlet hose to regulator and connecting it to the 
return hose connection on distributor.  FI sprayed.  Reinserted FI, cranked 
car and no start but very strange noise from exhaust (no exhaust piping 
after 4kq downpipe terminates under car).  Plan on building a fuel pressure 
meter tomorrow if I can find a plumbing supply shop with the correct metric 
fittings.  I also plan on following the troubleshooting steps in Chapter 7 
of the Bosch FI & EM book by Probst published by Bentley.  Any suggestions 
that might save me some time in figuring out the problem?


'81 4k/4E
'83 CGT
'85 CGT (parts)

  Any suggestions as to what may have happened?

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