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Audi history

Hi all(?)

Hm, pretty weird to have two days without any quattro digests... especially
when you don't have Thanksgiving (yet?) and it's just another ordinary

Anyway, the new issue of 'Profile', the Dutch Audi importer's glossy landed
in my mailbox today, and really surprised me: there's a complete history of
50 years of Audi import in Holland in it. No nonsensical features about
expensive restaurants, just interviews with Audi owners (and nice pics of
old and new Audis) and an interview with John Bosch, a succesful Dutch
rally driver in the 80s, when he was running an UrQ. Pretty good stuff,
proof that finally they've decided that having a history is a good thing,
and that life is not just about selling tons of new cars. Nicely designed
magazine, too.
The same mail contained an invitation to the importer's semi-annual
used-car show, high-profile event with used cars over $20k, lots to choose
from and all immaculate. I'll go and have a look, I guess.