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UFO Wheels

Got a new set of wheels for my 90 V8Q with UFOs today and thought I would
pass the info along.
The wheels are made by Optima Wheel Co. http://www.optimawheel.com/  The
ones I got were called the "Splittin Image" in 16X7.5 18mm offset.
Not really my first choice in style, but local wheel shop had them available
for trial fit. The price was right, as they were around $135.00 ea. in
polished. REALLY upgarde the looks of the car compared to the blistering
OEMs. You may love them or hate them, but they do offer many other styles in
the 5-112 pattern. First we tried a 15X7 35 offset, but they wouldn't clear
the rotor "bump". I think a 15X7 18 would work, but he didn't have any of
these. They also have some in a 20 offset. I don't notice much difference in
the (added?) offset, in looks or handling, although this car isn't being
used as a racer.
The other "catch" was that the lug holes were too small for the OE bolts.
There was plenty of meat to open these up and still have a proper seat for
the lugs. Another option was to use a stud kit that converted from the OE
bolt to studs that were stepped down to a smaller diameter. I opted to
drill, so old rims can be used for winter.
The 16s do give a meaner look than the old 15s and the ride and noise is the
same. I want the car as a freeway cruiser more than anything, so ruled out
17s because of harder ride.
Quality seems to be good on these and the run out well, although 90 was as
fast as I've taken them so far. Thanksgiving weekend isn't a good time to do
high speed testing on freeways.....
Rex Pedersen
85 5ks
86 5ks wagon
87 5ksQ
90 V8q