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'84 UrQ Cruise Control Woes - FIXED (mostly)

Hi BD,

Check the vacuum bellows with the throttle rod to the throttle body and the
vacuum hoses themselves.  Check the bellows by opening throttle (engine not
operating) and clamping the hose running to it;  should remain open without



Jim Jordan
81 5KT > 300K Miles

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> Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 22:35:31 -0600
> From: "Dupree, Robert A." <rdupree@Sidley.com>
> Subject: '84 UrQ Cruise Control Woes - FIXED (mostly)
> After fixing  the mouting of the vaccuum/elec combo switches on the brake
> and clutch; and setting them so they close electrically AND to vaccuum I
> have a functional cruise control!!!  Using (2) M12 coarse nuts on each
> switch and trashing the spring steel retaining collar made this much more
> stable.
> Many thanks to those who said to look there!
> One question though; on a quick test run (short) the system
> seemed to wander
> like one of those annoying drivers who is constantly in and out
> of the gas.
> Where should I look to combat the wandering gas feel?
> BD
> '84 UrQ
> '99 LT-1Q
> '77 Dodge Colt ProRally
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