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Re: in love

Harrison Hi from Greece,

If the 95 S6 is anything like the RS2 engine wise ( I think it is, apart
from IM and specific internals) then the brass fixing you say is just like
you see it. Does it point to the air filter box?

I will agree with you on the subject that your sister HAS to buy that car.
And then give it to you as a Christmas present.

Take care and happy motoring.

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Subject: in love

>So, my sister just got a new job that pays good money. She was in town
>this weekend for Thanksgiving. She says to me, "I think it is time for a
>new car." She is currently driving an 88 80q that has been through the
>ringer a few times. So we go out and look at dealers. What do we find? A
>95 S6 wagon. Uhhh. Silver with black leather, 72k miles, $21k. I tell
>her, "this is the car. Buy it without prejudice." So she drives it, and
>loves it. I drive it...I cannot believe that the US government allows
>this kind of pleasure to it's citizens. "Der Wonderwagon" indeed. I
>could not belive the incredible balance of speed, handling, cargo room,
>and style. I am never going to let her live it down if she does not buy
>it. What do you all think about the price? It is immaculate. Serviced
>only at the Audi dealer (I saw the records), clean as a pin, Pioneer RF
>CD changer, S02 tires, Avus looking wheels. The only thing that I
>questioned was a vacuum fitting coming off of the wastegate that was
>attached to nothing. Is this right? It looked like it should have had a
>hose hooked up to it. Anyone know why?