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Re: Timing belt R&R (and shop recommendation)

Fantastic!  If you actually had a timing belt and water pump replaced for $120 total, I should plan a trip to that garage from Northern Virginia.  Surely this $120 did not include the parts, shop miscellaneous, and disposal of hazardous materials did it?

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---- Shaun Folkerts <fiatlancia@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Michael Murphy wrote:> 
> > > Shaun Folkerts wrote:
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> > > > Going in to Concord for the belt/pump/etc. tomorrow. Wish me luck...
> >
> > Well?
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> > MJM
> They were great!
> Here's the full report:
> I arrived around 8:30. The owner, Marino, then rode with me to my office and
> drove the car back to his shop after dropping me off. I showed up again
> about 1PM. The pump and pulleys had been installed, and I had a real nice
> conversation with the mechanic while he finished installing the belts,
> covers, etc. He owns an older Fiat too, but that's another story for another
> time for another list. Really knew his way around that Audi o'mine though.
> While I was waiting for the mechanic to finish, Marino even offered to buy
> me lunch!
> I had a new steering rack boot in the back seat they were going to install
> (for $80...fair price, right?), but they recommended that since the rack has
> no noise, leaks, etc. that I should wait (see earlier-posted question).
> The total charge was just what they had quoted: $120 plus tax.
> The only flaw in the entire day was that this new water pump is a "warbler."
> I'm sure most listers know the noise I am referring to. The mechanic said
> the noise should subside as the belt stretches and loosens a bit. Is that
> true? It was a new pump in the "Geba"? "Gebo"? box. So it's not a fault of
> the mechanic, but a fault of the pump manufacturer? The old pump made no
> noise, and I'm hoping this one will lose the 'singing' soon.
> I flushed the coolant system once I got the car home. The green is gone,
> replaced by Prestone orange. Not Pentosin exactly, but better than the
> green, according to archives/earlier posts.
> I now shift at a higher RPM, and have confidence in winding it out a little
> further for a more interesting commute. Nice to drive without being nervous
> about losing my belt at any minute.
> I found this shop on the AudiFans website, and have nothing but positive
> things to say about them. This shop should be seen as an asset to Audi
> owners of the NYC/Long Island area. I'll return to them for future work, and
> recommend them to others to do the same. No affiliation (other than as a
> satisfied customer), financial gain, vested interests, etc. The contact
> information:
> Concord Precision Auto Works
> 151 Jericho Turnpike
> Jericho, NY 11753
> (516) 997 - 4328
> Ask for Marino.
> Hope this helps those LI/NY listers out there that need (like I did) an
> experienced shop that they can both afford and count on.
> Please contact me if you need further information.
> Thanks for the bandwidth.
> Shaun Folkerts
> '89 200QW - with new TB/WP/tensioner/accessory belts/coolant

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