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Re: 4kq with turbo vs. UR quattro

> Not by hell of a lot if you put the turbo engine in and the 5 bolt

The turbo engine weighs maybe 40 lbs more than the NA engine.  And I was
assuming one would have coil overs on a rally car anyway.  Probably stock
4kq lowers would be fine though.  Not sure why anyone would spend a
substantial amount of time converting to 5 bolts.   And stock 4kq cv's and
drive axles would do just fine also.

> > 5: Later electrical parts.  Should be slightly more reliable.
> Not if he has the '83.5 and up Ur-q, plus building a rally car will mean a
> custom wiring harness anyways.

True if all the wiring get replaced.  I was not sure that lighting harness
gets replaced though and the urq lighting leaves alot to be desired.

> > 3: Somewhat less reliable than the 4kq.
> In what respect???
> If he uses the same drivetrain and has the newer wiring harness they
should be
> identical except for the body.
> Building a rally car he will probably end up making his own wiring harness
> that all the fuses and relays are within hands reach.

The hydrolic system on UR's is no where near as reliable as on the 4kq.  If
you scrapped the power steering and braking than you would probably be
right.  Your right about mainly just being a body differance depending on
how many systems get replaced.

> >
> > 4: Hydrolic system for brakes and steering.  Pentosin (need I say more)
> All 1982-86 Ur-q used regular hydraulic fluid.

Regular hydrolic fluid but still not a bulletproof system.  And I would not
brag about brake feel on hydrolic assisted brakes.  The ones that I have
driven did not have as good of feed back as the vaccum assisted.
> >
> > 5: Early electrical systems can be a nightmare.
> Only the 1982-83.5
> The 1983.5 on had the same wiring system as the 4kq (mine does).
I have only worked on an 82 and 83 and both of those had substatial
problems.  Most of the stuff that were problems would be solved by a new
harness.  But with the existing fuse box it is a nightmare.

Pat Martin
86 4000csq turbo, 2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge, MC and loving it.  Drilled and
stopping it. Koenig Cobra 16x7 with Yokohama A520's turning it,  K&N and
84 4000sq  AKA: The beater.
95 subaru legacy
Bothell, Wa