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RE: Stripped bolt removal

As alternative to the Screw Grab try coarse valve grinding paste.


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From:	Fred Munro [mailto:munrof@isys.ca]
Sent:	27 November 1999 17:33
To:	Daniel Hussey; quattro list
Subject:	Re: Stripped bolt removal


    You've got a couple of options here. There is a material available to
help remove screws with stripped heads. It's a slurry of fine, sharp
particles ( probably carborundum or something similar). You squirt this
stuff into the screw head, insert the driver, and torque away. The particles
jam into the driver and the screwhead and keep the driver from slipping out.
The stuff I've seen is called Screw Grab. Although it's designed for slotted
screws, it may work in the Allen head.
    You can always fall back on the Dremel solution and grind off the screw
head. Make sure you don't overheat it and melt any surrounding plastic. This
will get the glovebox out, but leave you with the problem of extracting the
threaded portion of the screw.

Good luck!

Fred Munro
'94 S4  92k km

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From: "Daniel Hussey" <dan_hussey@email.msn.com>
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Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 10:57 PM
Subject: Stripped bolt removal

> Well, I got everything else out of the way, but one bolt (which is
> holding the glovebox assembly in place) in my 200TQ which is stripped and
> can't get it out.  Channel lock plyers won't grip and it is an allen bolt
> and the edges are stripped so none of my allen wrenches can fit in there
> get a good grip either.
> I undertsand these can be drilled out???  It's a pretty thick bolt so I'd
> like to hear how this is done.  Any info???
> I don't need the bolt or anything, I just want it out of there without
> damaging anything!  I'll cut it or drill it out.... but would just like
> info on how this is done.  Any info appreciated since my weekend project
> been unexpectedly halted because of this one %^&@#* bolt!!!!!!  Please
> Later,
> Dan