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2.0 16v converion - progress

I hired a van yesterday and bought a 2.0 16v audi engine, and a brand new 
golf mk3 16v gearbox.

However I've now been warned by my mechanic that it may not fit(my 
1990jetta)! - He says some of the bits may not bolt straight on since the 
code is different from what I originally thought.
The engine code is ACE and was built 12/93 according to the sticker on
the cam cover.- can anyone tell me what the fuel system is for this
engine? The fuel lines looked pretty much identical to my 1.8 kr (or is it 
kv) but this is not k-jet is it.

What looks very different is the sump, which is bulging at one end and
squashed at the other where the audi subframe sits. Loads of people say
that this should be swapped but is this actually necessary? I just
can't see why since the mk2 subframe won't foul it in anyway. Also if
it does have to be swapped what do I do about the oil pump since on the
audi it's fed from the LHS of the sump - on the kr isn't it the RHS?
Also the oil cooler looks similar but is angled more towards the
gearbox/starter but It still looks to me as though it can be left on
without fouling the gearbox/front mount.- is it really necessary to swap my 
vw one over?
One thing that definately needs attention is the alternator. The
original audi one has gone and I can see that the crank pulley was
designed to operate it on a wide belt on the inner pulley and drive the
water pump and power steering pump on the outer vbelt pulley. Do I just
replace the crank pulleys and water pump with the ones of my kv engine?
(The water pump/ water pump pulley is futher away from the engine if u
know what i mean).

There are loads more electronic connectors which I haven't got a clue
about and I can't see any idle stabilizer valve. The distributor looks
different - leads pluging on to the top of it but I think my k-jet will
plug into this.

As for the gearbox, it's actually off a seat ibiza with only 500 miles.
It has a cable operated lever (an adapter replaces the original
hydralic system) but it is cable change. I therefore need a gear lever
assembly and cables etc if anyone has one floating around. I also need
a mk3 16v clutch and flywheel. The box cost 300, the engine was 475
and the bloke gave me the seat drive shafts aswell (since they were
slightly longer than the mk2's) but I prob don't need them because they
must be unique to seats and not this gbox. The starter motor that came
off the audi won't fit so does anyone know if my mk2 one will?
Also I can see a nasty looking electronic conector on the new gbox's 
differential which looks like it could be the speedo sender - my old vw is a 
cable speedo. There are 2 odd looking holes which have been blocked up on 
the box aroundabout where my speedo cable enters my old box. But there's 2!? 
- does anyone know this is to adapt it to cable drive? Bit of a major flaw 
if my speedo doesn't work!

Can anyone give me anymore info about this ACE engine and its
compatability with my 1.8 kr?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me on the ease (?) of conversion, what 
needs to be done etc...- It's greatly appreciated.

I will have loads of parts left over - audi 16v inlet manifold/throttle, 
maybe the sump oil pump, audi starter motor, maybe water pump, pulleys, 
flywheel, injectors, switches etc, which I'll sell at very reasonable prices 
if anyones interested - in the UK.



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