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Seat Heater Part 2

Hello again all.

Thanks to those of you who gave me ideas about the problem I am having with
the seat heater I replaced a few weeks back.  Alas the saga continues.

The seat heater appears to be working but it is hard to tell if it is just
my butt  warming it before the heater does.  

The relay is still making a racket!  Call it a humm, call it a click, call
it what you will but it is driving me crazy.

I have swapped the relay and the switch with the passenger side and it stays
drivers seat.  Cleaned all the relays and switches while I had them out too.
If I turn the switch past 1/2 it will start the clicking and stay on
continuously.  I don't like turning the radio up over it.

Thanks for any additional help.

Tony B.
84 4kq
89 2cq