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FS 86 5KTQ $2,500

I apologize to those of you I told the car was sold.  I put a new wheel 
bearing in as condition of sale and the buyer backed out, should have had a 
non refundable deposit!
Here it is again, 5000TQ performance and comfort for 4000 money.

I have owned the car for 2.5 yrs, since ~130K miles. Have window sticker and 
Audi maintenance book.
Car is in good shape for its age, no rust, except for some leading edge hood 
spots.  silver paint is whole though not as shiny as once was. Blk Interior 
is very good, one split in drivers seat(sport interior F&F heated seats), 3 
dash cracks.
All electricals work, seats, heat, memory, roof, cruise, windows, all light 
bulbs, differential locks, even trip computer.  Ready to drive anywhere

work done:
Alt, starter, A/C compressor, Front axles, radiator, P/S pump, horns, blower 
motor, wheel bearings, steering rack, oil cooler and lines, aux water pump 
and all hoses, antenna, Brake & Clutch masters, clutch slave, struts, all 
rotors and pads, intake manifold hose, multi-function temp switch, ebrake 
cables, fuel tank and pump, tune up - filters and timing belt-water pump and 
all accessory belts about 40K ago. new battery, door vacuum switch, trailer 
hitch, fog lights and phone.
Car has 1.8bar spring and moves! car has A6 rims and new tires 12K ago!


Needs; RF spring is missing 1/2 coil, I've done 40K and never missed it but 
have replacement, ABS sensors need to be cleaned.  Could use rear calipers, 
they work fine, but return springs for ebrakes are week so ebrake sticks 
All in all, a good value for the money?  You tell me.
Mike mdeltergo@hotmail.com
Portland ME\
h 207 772 5013
w 207 874 7188

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