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Re: Which bentley?

My Bentley for '84-'88 5K cars (S, CS, gas, diesel, turbo and turbo diesel,
including wagon and quattro models) is ISBN 0-8376-0370-6, which is the
two-volume kajillion page version.  The single-volume 5K version is for
model years '77-'83.  That's your listed B.  I have no idea what your
listed A is unless you mistyped a bunch of the numbers.  It doesn't show up
in the list of Audi and VW service manuals inside my Bentley.

Kneale Brownson

At 09:14 AM 11/29/99 -0500, Sitzman wrote:
>Hello, I have an 86 5000S non-turbo sedan.   I am trying to figure out
>which the correct factory svc manual is...  I found a couple people
>selling them used...
>Some people advertise
>A)  ISBN 0-8376-0370-6 a 1-volume book
>B)  ISBN 0-8316-0347-1 .. Audi p/n LPV 800 442 .. also a 1-volume book
>C)  ISBN 0-8376-0370-6 <from the rb.com website>, Audi p/n LPV 800 445 
>                       which is a 2-volume set of 2240 pages
>Mabey the 1-volume book is just the two books combined into one?  Any
>ideas?  Need reply ASAP as the person selling them may get other offers.