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Re: toasting an O2 sensor, hesitation at boost, and more


Just an FYI, the chip should give you 277 HP, not 265. The TAP code is
reportedly functionally identical to the Hoppen and IA units of the time,
both of which give 277 HP. The spring is basically useless in the 20V. Just
know you have a 277 HP chip, unless you changed it from what I sold you. It
will provide 2.2 bar of boost (has 2.5 PT) and reports 1.8 as a conversion
(gauge is a relative reading based on a signal from what it thinks is the
2.0 PT). Note, the dash gauge is not the most accurate gauge in the world,
either. A real VDO gauge is a good upgrade...HTH



on 11/25/99 11:50 AM, Brett Dikeman at brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net wrote:

> Currently, the car is suffering from unexplained hesitation under
> boost.  The car has a TAP ECU(265hp, no spring.)  Maximum I've seen
> on the computer display is around 1.6; I assume that despite the
> different pressure sensor, sthe max I should see on the display is
> 1.8, just like with the stock ECU; this "1.8" value just doesn't mean
> "1.8" anymore.