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RE: Turbo/wastegate questions - K24, WG Spring etc.

I got rough about $400 from Scott last Spring.  If I'd have know it would be
more like $200 I would have considered it.

I may be a cheapskate with my AUDI(according to Click & Clack), but not that


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Subject: RE: Turbo/wastegate questions - K24, WG Spring etc.

You know folks, Scott Mo.'s 86 - 88 chip and spring upgrade is only like (or
was) $210 bux installed.  It is THE best money I've ever spent on a
automotive mod.  No new turbo necessary, and it is done right, like the
Factory would do (or maybe not depending on your opinion of Audi...)  

My .02

Gary M. Lewis
1990 200tqa Silver/Platinum 146km 1.8 bar P6000 SVR, Bilsteins, BPV
1986 5kcstqa Sapphire/Platinum 180km Stock

> My apologies to those who sell the mod kits by the way, as I'm sure they
> are
> worth it.  Some of us just can't afford or justify expensive chips, new
> turbos and the like.  I'm not a racer, don't have the money or time -
> maybe
> some day.  Just want to get the best performance available without
> spending
> more than the car is actually worth.   I learn from the expert advice on
> this list and other sources, and then I'll apply what I've learned if
> prudent as a home mechanic/hobbyist.
> Thanks again for all the replies - keep 'em coming.  Happy Thanksgiving!
> Cheers,
> Ben Swann
> '85 4KSQ
> '86 5KCSQT
> '87 5KCSQT Wagon