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4kq fuel problems

I am having problems with my recently acquired '84 4kq, The car ran fine until a
few days ago when I blew a fuel pump fuse. After replacing the fuse, the car
will not run properly. The car was purchased from a guy who had it in storage
for a year with gas in it. I have replaced the pump inlet trap and the fuel
filter, and the problem remains. The car will idle when cold, but stalls as soon
as light pedal pressure is applied. When the car warms up, things improve
substantially but the car lacks power. It seems to run better with light pedal
pressure and bogs down with open throttle.

I have monkeyed with the CO adjustment and for the car to run at all without
missing I have it set way too rich (black smoke from the exhaust). I am
attributing it to low system pressure, but perhaps someone can suggest other
causes (I haven't checked for vacuum leaks yet). Also: the pump on the car right
now is not the original--the guy replaced it with a VW pump. Remember, though,
the car ran fine before the fuse blew.