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Re: Monkey Lad business practices? (Re: Turbo/wastegate questions - K24, WG Spring etc.)

>     It sure would be good to hear about a christmas sale where we could get
> some of these from you at some kind of reduced rate... $375 is too much.
> Here is where you (or any of the other _even_higher_priced_ chip modders)
> could explain how the cost is justified. All I can picture happening is a
> quick desoldering,

It ain't quick if you do it carefully.

> attaching the socket, and inserting the already burned
> chip.

The easy part.

How about cleaning off the flux?  How about replacing the
conformal coating that got trashed?  How about replacing
the pressure transducer (and the inexpensive transducer
is _out of stock_ everywhere)?  QA?  How about putting
the ECU and a car and making sure it runs?

How about (in Ned's case) the cost of the CARB exemption
which makes his product emissions legal?

Then stick it in the mail. It doesn't have to cost $375-$550 to profit
> adequately from this.

There isn't much profit at these prices given the very low volume.