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'00 M3 - Diss'n BMWs

Re: the thread on the '000 M3 and RWD.  My brother relinquished his '92 MB
E400 for a '99.5 540i with a manual tranny (editorial: proof that denists
make more $$$ than engineers) .  I must admit, it's a hot car to drive.  I
must honestly say that I have yet to drive an Audi, S4 and A8 4.8 included
(with the exception of the TT & the '00 S4, which I have not driven) that
can hold a candle to the 540i when it come to the sheer joy of driving.  I
cannot imagine what an "M" series bimmer would be like to drive. Now be
honest, wouldn't it be fun to have an M3 or M5 in the garage just for those
leisure drives through the back road on sunny Sundays?

90 V8q - singing let it snow..let it snow....