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Re: 2001 M3 - light relief

Greg and Gill Spark wrote:

> Cars are like ice creams - buy and drive the flavour you like most and can
> afford - the only bottom line is to enjoy it to the fullest - any argument
> along the lines of "my audi's better than your beemer" - "nah its not - my
> beemer's better" - all gets rather tiresome and pointless.
> As far as Bobs assertion that "Audi is usually a few years behind the
> leapfrog" goes - excuse me?? - who's in front in a leapfrog race has always
> been really hard to figure out from where I sit :) - refer to first
> paragraph for answer.
> Cheers and enjoy your car - I do - but then it IS an Audi!!
> Greg Spark
> '96 A4 1.8Tqm MTM 187hp
> '98 Golf Mk IV 1.6 (the good lady didn't like the upholstery in the GTI :( )
> '87 80 1.8E 2wd
> Hamilton, New Zealand
> Date:   Sun, 28 Nov 1999 08:58:51 -0500
> From:   -=Bob=- <mx@snet.net>
> Subject:        Re: 2001 M3
> Kwattro@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > Indeed, the M3's will again be running with NA straight sixes pumping out
> 340
> > hp.  Beat that, Ford.  Nothing like a little BMW coupe that will out
> > accelerated everything in its price range.  BMW is amazing, and always has
> > been, and probably always will be.  Sorry guys, we just don't really
> measure
> > up to them.  Snow, yes.  Dry?  well....
> I like BMW as well, but Im not sure they are 'amazing' and always has been
> etc...  just like all other mfrs, theyve made some real crap too. However
> when it comes to acceleration, handling and braking, not too many cars can
> keep up with them.  The new s4 beats the old m3... lets just hope the next
> generation s4 beats the new m3. Audi is usually a few years behind the
> leapfrog.  OTOH fit and finish on a BMW is atrocios...always has been and
> probably always will be :) That is compared to audi..
> Bob

I could not agree more. BUT, as a rally competitor, I do prefer audi to bmw and
I think everyone who understands that, agrees with me !


Carl B. Dietersson