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Boost gauge, Mobil 1

Two '87 5kcstq questions for the digest:

Boost Gauge: I've noticed that my boost gauge rarely reads more than 1.2 bar
(I did see it display 1.3 _once_).  With the engine off, the gauge reads 0.9
bar, which I suppose makes sense as I'm not precisely at sea level (about
800ft).  I've consulted the Bently and it does not appear that the gauge can
be adjusted.  Also, I'm concerned that I may not be using the available boost
pressure.  I haven't dug into it enough to acertain whether this is a
full-throttle switch problem, a wastegate problem, or whatever.  Does anybody
have any other items that I should check, or am I just being neurotic?

Mobil 1: This is _not_ an invitation for an oil flame war.  I've been using
Mobil 1 products in my two other vehicles and want to start using it in the
Audi.  The question is weight.  The 10W40 seems like an automatic choice, but
I'm wondering if the 15W50 would be a better solution for the higher-temp
environment of the turbo engine.

-'87 5kcstq
-'82 VW Campermobile
-'92 FLSTC