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Re: 2001 M3 (or Audi vs. BMW?)

In a message dated 11/29/99 8:21:22 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
mizutanit@mindspring.com writes:

> Jason,
>  That's what the guy told me. If it's BS, so be it. I'm
>  just relaying an anecdote. If it is incorrect, I apologize
>  for spreading misinformation. The M3 owners I've spoken with
>  seem to agree with me that the E36 M3s are terrible in bad
>  weather. Granted, they are not Michael Schumacher, so their
>  wet weather driving abilities are not superhuman.

No its ok, 
Just finding it hard to believe that he didn't do anything and he spun out.  
Tho I know this car is horrible in any other condition other than dry.  Just 
wanted people to know that the car is as safe as the person driving it.