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Re: Which bentley?

Cobram . writes:
> ti@amb.org (Ti Kan) writes:
> >I have an earlier edition of the 84-86 5000S/CS/turbo/turbo quattro
> >Bentley that is a single volume.  That was reissued by Bentley to
> >be a bigger 2-volume set when they added the 87 and 88 model years.
> The single volume version covers '84-88 and is identical to the 2 volume
> set. I have the single volume version.  Check the URL's that were posted
> and you'll see they're identical.  I would probably quess that they went
> to the two volume set as you stated to include the type 44's that shared
> similarities.  When they decided they were going to a whole new manual
> for subsequent years they probably went to the single volume.  

Well not to nit pick, but your single volume Bentley is probably a
different edition than mine.  Mine only covers 1984-86 5KS/CST/TQ.
It does not include 87 and 88 models.  The Audi part number is
LPV 8000 444 and the Bentley stock number is A586, ISBN # 0-8376-0357-9.
The inside of the book shows that the printing date was 10/86, so
it can't possibly include models in the future.

Thus, when one speaks of single-volume Bentley v. the 2-volume sets
for the 5K series, there are variations within each.

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