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Re: 2001 M3

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:

> I really think that you're being presumptious here - my Coupe GT has also
> beaten good drivers in M3's, and it's 2wd, too.  Does that mean that it's
> horrible handleing?  Because, I'd have to say, I think it would disagree with
> you.  Lack of horsepower, yes, but the car rips in the rain.  Lots of fun.
> In fact, I was faster that a coupld of other FWD cars (sentra SE-R's) at
> Walkins Glen.  I was not passed in the rain.
> I might be a better driver, but I didn't have quattro working for me and I
> was pretty fast. My quattro sits inside in the rain - I'd hate to get it
> wet....

So if it were raining, and I was in the Q youd be in my way.  ;-)
This isnt meant to be turned into a flamefest ... just having fun.