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Looking for Vehicle Storage in Northern IL

Hi Gang!

Sorry to cross-post to some of my favorite lists, but my upcoming move
from Wisconsin to Illinois now looks like a sure thing.  Our offer was
accepted on a home in Lake Barrington and we plan to move in Jan/Feb

Upside: 3+ car heated garage.  Downside: No additional garage space can
be added (easily, cheaply).

So I'm looking for indoor year-round storage for 6 to 8 cars. I don't
need full access and don't plan on working on anything there... just
secure storage. I don't even need heated storage. Proximity to
Barrington/Wauconda is a plus... but inexpensive is real high on the
priority list as well. 

I'd appreciate any leads.  I'd rather give money to a fellow car
enthusiast than to a self-storage place.

Also, my place in WI (Lake Mills... 30 miles to Madison, 50 to
Milwaukee, right on I-94, a Norman Rockwell-type village of 4000) will
be put on the market in Jan. About 3 acres, 5BR, 3.5b,  2 car attached
garage and new 30x40 detached Morton garage.    Perfect for a car nut
like me! ;-(   Also zoned for horses.


Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI (for now)