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80 Quattro Coil Over suspension...

    Yes, I know that the car tecnically has a coil over suspension, but 
hardly one that I am willing to live with for too long   ;)    Next weekend I 
will be installing 2Bennett threaded coil over springs and Koni Sport Struts 
front and rear.  The front Koni's are the externally adjustable, and the 
rears are internally adjustables -actually originally intended for the 
Ur-Quattro.  The strut shaft is actually shorter which will complement the 
lowered ride hight.  I will also be using "blue" strut bearings all around.  
I will give you guys a post to let you know how I like it.  This is really 
the first modification I will be performing to the 80Q.  The next step will 
be 16" rims, and the next is still in the works (more on that down the road 
when I'm sure it will work  ;)     I also plan on fabricating a strut brace 
in the front, delrin bushings, and some sway bar modifications  down the road 
a ways...
Javad Shadzi