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Re: speedo stopped working

> Careful Huw, usually the OXS counter box freezes up and causes the lower
> cable to fail. Before you drive too far check the counter to make sure the
> new cable is not doomed as well.

Oh yes.  Now I know why they moved the counter on to the inst cluster
it's hard to reset :-)

Opened old one, which would jam when I pressed the engine side doohickey
in a bit, ooh.  nice rust, nice crud. and nice and wet... today and
Sunday both had good frosts and I didn't drive during the day to shake
things loose...

I think I'll swap in that other spare cable, with the spare OXS counter,
and order a later style, full length cable tomorrow.  (BTW, the old
cables are shown but not listed in family pix anyway.)

Thanks Dan, at least I knew right where to look!

Huw Powell