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RE: 2001 M3, BMW vs. Audi, blah, blah, blah...

Sorry for the WOB, but I think it's funny that
some people speculate about a car that doesn't
even exist yet. I have a 2004 Audi RS8, with all
EPA and DOT papers, 7 spd. sequential pushbutton
gearbox, twin-turbo W-12 w/ 500hp, 600lb-ft.,
adaptive suspension damping and ride height,
ESP, ABS, ASC, spiderless torsen <g>, power sport
seats w/ heaters, ventilation and back massage,
200 disc DVD changer in the trunk, SATNAV and
every other toy you can think of. The 007-style
tire spikes, missiles and MGs are optional from
Quattro GmBH. Now that beats the 2001 M3. ;-P


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Yawn... :-(

Nobody changed anyone's opinion yet, but keep trying, because it makes for 
such good reading <sarcasm alert>.

Eric R. Kissell