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Re: 5kt won't start

Dennis -

Here's the order I would check:

1. Fuel pump (see if it's running; check for blown fuse)
2. CIS-E power supply fuse (10A fuse in the row closest to the drivers side
3. If the car has a pump inlet trap, remove and check for buildup of crud
4. Check the fuel filter - if it even looks old, replace it.
5. check the tank screen for blockage

If you have a blown fuel pump fuse, I would suspect blockage in the system
between the tank and the fuel pump. This may have been the cause of the noisy
fuel pump you replaced. The tank screen is the most likely cause here (the pump
inlet trap on my 84 4ksq was original and looked clean as a whistle. I am having
fuel pump noise problems and am suspecting a clogged tank screen myself. Look
for my thread on noisy fuel pump.

- Dave

DGraber460@aol.com on 12/01/99 06:55:47 AM

To:   quattro@audifans.com
cc:    (bcc: Dave Schloz/WAGSTAFF)

Subject:  5kt won't start

Last night the car (85 5KT), after setting for about 30 minutes after the
drive home (during which it ran fine), started and ran for about a minute and
died. Restarted for a little shorter time and died. Sequence continued about
8 times till it wouldn't fire at all, each time being shorter in duration. It
finally did start after cranking a _long time_, ran to the store and waited
till morning to see what a cold start would do. This morning it won't start
at all.
I have only had the car about 4 weeks and haven't had much time to crawl
around and check things out. Any BTDT experience, and troubleshooting
sequence to check (where to start) would be most appreciated.
FWIW; I replaced a very noisy fuel pump a week ago, and it had been running
fine since then.