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Re: M3

In a message dated 12/1/99 8:04:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
njconn@email.msn.com writes:

> Just cheap feeling, overall. The handling
>  and transmission feel may be worth a premium over an A4 (comparing apples 
>  apples), but the interior quality is poor. It's only until you dump big $$
>  into options do you get an interior equal to an A4's (2.8) standard one.

Funny you should say that.  
I'm actually looking at the 2k A4q.  And I have also swing by the Bimmer 
dealer as well.  Here is what I noticed.....

A4q:  2.8  FULLY equipped.  I mean every bell and whisle, except the cell.
It was running for 40k

328i:  Average Equipped, Things like Karmon sound system(YIKES that sounds 
nice), etc,
It was running around 43k.  

The fit and finish, IMHO, wasn't as bad as you say for the bimmer.
As for the Audi, wow, nice corners in the rain.  

Even though these cars are the same class, they are totally different 
purpose.  The audi, I was able to play around with the corners and the Bmw I 
was only able to push it hard on straightaways.

Power wise, both was comparable.  But BMW was a bit faster.  Then again it 
was raining in Seattle and with the WTO traffic, not much room to stretch my 

89 200t10v
Redmond WA