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Re: Quattro Coupe in 'GQ' Magazine.

PlyBoyDoct@aol.com writes:
> Hey guys, and gals
> I was thumbing thought the "Chinese Version" GQ(Yes there is one), and ran 
> though the "DREAM CAR OF THE CENTURY."  And looking though all the car, 
> including 68Mustang, Mercede Gullwing(Which was number one), 50 or 60 
> something BMW 328, I found a 1980Coupe ranking at number 14.  It was ahead of 
> Lamborgini(sp?).  
> The little article said that Audi was the first car maker to bring the AWD 
> system to the passenger cars.  The first automaker to bring it adapt it was 
> Range Rover(?)  or some british company.  
> Just some FYI for the listers.  

Sounds like a transcription of the currently ongoing "Car of the Century"

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