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RE: Board computer

> I just got my hands on my Mothers-soon to be mine- 1991 90.  
> I need help
> with the trip computer.  The average speed, time and miles to 
> empty all
> work fine. but the instantanious fuel consumption, average fuel
> consumption both read 200. and the g->  always reads 0.0  
> what do i need
> to do get these working again.  If i reset the average fuel 
> consumption
> it goes to 0.0 but as soon as i drive for any distance it goes 200.

... I had a similar problem on the 5kCSQA I bought ... actually got a couple
hundred off the asking price because of it ... assuming that you 90 has a
CIS system rather than EFI (Motronic) I'd think that they would work the
same.  What I found was that the variable resistor that reported the
position of the airflow sensor had opened up.  I used some carburetor
cleaner followed by a spray of DeoxIt and got the fuel economy parameters to
work.  On my car the thing is buried under the fender, but I was able to get
access by removing the lower airbox and air filter ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)