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Re: M3 Seattle WTO, first and last post

In a message dated 12/1/99 1:30:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
urq@accesscable.net writes:

> Jason,
>  You may need all the speed you can get to outrun the tear gas!
>  (Let's all be careful out there)

I was down in Seattle yesterday and saw some things.  Saw smoke coming from 
Seattle.   Hm....later found out that a dumpster (sp?) was set on fire and 
turned over RIGHT in the midde of downtown Seattle.  Rubber bullets were 
flying and tear gas was making people gag.  Why did they chose Seattle 
anyways.  Sorry for the WAY off topic WOB.  But then again, the M3 post was 
already off Topic.  MAC, HEY GUYS, I'm getting a 2kA41.8tq!!  My new baby, 
someone light me a cigar.

89 200t10v
2k A4tq
Redmond WA