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Re: Hakka vs. Cooper

A friend had a set of Cooper Weathermasters on a 4k; he said they were 
just fine in snow/ice, but ditched them in favor of a set of Michelin 
Arctic Alpins; he commutes on a windy 55mph-ish mountain road, then a 
few miles of dirt road at 8-9000' - snow tires are a necessity, but 
the dry performance got him off the Coopers; said they were too 
squishy, but performed well in snow.

THe Hakka will be a *better* snow tire, but IMHO, the Cooper would be 
fine for a MA winter + ski trips to VT/NH.  Snow tires all suck in the 
dry, but apparently, the Coopers suck more than most.  


On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Adam P. Brodeur wrote:

> Hello all:
> Well, seeing as the threat of snow is near here in central
> Massachusetts, it is time to get the snows.  Every on the list seems to
> recommend Hakka's.  However, are they worth the money.  A local guy I
> know can get me Hakka's for around $80/tire or Cooper Weathermaster's
> for about $50/tire.  He told me to go with the Cooper's and that I'd be
> happy.  The tires are for my 84 4000 quattro.  Is the extra $30/tire
> worth it, or should I save my pennies for door handles and such?
> Thanks,
> Adam Brodeur
> 84 4ksq