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Re: Front diff on a 93 s4


    This sounds like the dreaded S-car tranny failure - typically the pinion
bearing in the front diff. The usual dealer fix has been to replace the
entire tranny, although some owners have had the tranny rebuilt with varying
degrees of success (or lack thereof).
    There are no non-S4 diffs they could use - the 01E tranny was introduced
with the '92 S4 and only available in the S4/S6 (although I think a variant
of the 01E is used in some Porsches).
    If you go for used, make sure it is off a 94+ car - you may be getting
another problem tranny. The '92 cars had the most failures, some '93 cars
had failures, and a few '94 cars had failures.
    I am putting together a database on these tranny failures. If your
friend is interested, I am looking for the following information:

        Build date (found on sticker on drivers door B pillar)
        Car chipped or stock?
        Type of failure
        Miles (kms) on car when failure occurred
        Type of repair (replacement, rebuild)
        Miles (km) on repair
        Any comments on problem symptoms, rapidity of failure, repair


Fred Munro
'94 S4  93k km

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Subject: Front diff on a 93 s4

> This question is from a friend that I know that has a
> 1993 s4
> The dealer has to change tth front diff on the car.
> 63,000 miles are on it, and it is making a whining
> sound. Is there anything he has to watch out for.
> Is there a chance that they might us a non-s4 diff?
> What about used?
> Thanks
> Joel Nevin
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