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RE: New S6 - Help I'm inna dark!

The S6 is already out in Europe. 340hp version of the 4.2L V-8, no
turbo. Nothing to really write home about, IMHO. The Brit car writers
don't think very highly of the car, either. If you're comparing the car
to a BMW M5 or a MB/AMG E55, the car doesn't measure up and it's about
the same price in Britain- over 60k Sterling. Ouch.

The S8 is, IMHO, a better car, although more money. You'll have to
wait for the RS6, which is supposed to come with a turbo V-8.

Stateside, the best you can get is the A6 2.7T. Lots of tuning potential
with that car. 6 spd. manual, twin turbo. Chip it (Hoppen/MTM or APR is
your best bet right now), exhaust (MTM is avail.), suspension, wheels
and brake upgrade and you're running with 307-310 hp. If you swap turbos
with K04s, you can easily push out closer to 350hp. If you go all-out and
have a custom manifold setup done, you can put some Garrett GT25s and
probably get close to the 400hp mark with a front-mount intercooler. A guy
in Australia who posts to a4.org has a 300hp A4 1.8T. Very nice.

Taka Mizutani

P.S. If you decide to undergo a modification program for the A6 2.7T, please
let us know.

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Does anyone know if/when the new S6 is coming on line? I've seen photos
and quotes of 340hp/6speed in the magazines. Looks like a bi-turboV6 on
steriods (never enough of course). Happy Holidays to absolutely

Lee Hansen
Tahoe City, CA
95 S6