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RE: Winter Princess


You will be referring to fully synthetic for the tranny, I believe Redline to be good stuff where you are, the weight is 75w90, for the tranny. How about doing the rear diff as well this has got to be to a GL5 spec minimum. Done my tranny fluids and made a big difference, also greasing the gear linkage below the shift boot and on the tranny itself improved things a lot. I dream of driving my Q in snow, southern UK don't get much these days. Sniff

Hope this helps.


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From:	Jenny Curtis [mailto:jenny@physics.spa.umn.edu]
Sent:	01 December 1999 17:42
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Dear Q-list:

I've been working on winterizing the Eurotrash Princess.  So far the snow tires
(Hakka Qs) are working great.  I went up north last week-end and found some real
snow.  The Hakka's were awesome on about  6" of compacted snow and ice on
unplowed Boundary Waters' roads.  They are also really good on dry pavement.
I've been driving as normal (well OK USUAL would be a more appropriate word) and
haven't noticed any loss of precision.  Brake time on dry pavement does seem to
be slightly increased.

Now I also want to make sure the fluids are correct for winter.  I've noticed a
sluggishness in the shifter in the morning when I first start out since it's
been cold.  I understand there is a tranny fluid that's better that stock in the
4kq.  Does anyone know the brand?

4cskq: Eurotrash Princess
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