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RE: LM002 (fastest SUV on earth)

Cool,  I can answer this.  I had a serious infatuation with that car,
untill I saw one in person and saw the Crummy build quality.
	No, I bet the ML55 is faster.  Its got Aerodynamics on its
side.  And weight.  The LM002 (and the higher trim leveled for America LM
Americana weighed in at 6,800 lbs I believe.  600 more than a Hummer
Sedan.  Even with the Countach motor in it it wasnt quick.  After
releasing a VERY heavy clutch the car would do 0-60 in about 8.5
seconds.  With a top speed of 125.  ANd as someone noted, it was designed
to do 125mph Off Road.  It was designed as a Military Vehicle like the
Hummer but the Hummer got picked due to parts availability, reliability,
and price.  So the LM 002 became more popular with the oil rich Shieks of
Middle Eastern countries and the Sultan of Brunie.   
	The independant suspension is even Beefier than the Hummers but
affords a little less ground clearance.  By a ocuple inches compared to
the Hummers 16" of down the center clearance.  The OEm tires are the
original Kevlar Belted Pirelli Scorpions in 335 sizing.  (is that
right)  I think it was like a 335/60 on a 16 inch rim but I cant remember
for sure.  Anyhow, they sold for.....Better sit Down......$2000 dollars
PER TIRE.  i think tire Rack had them for like $1,200 each.  :-)  So it
may not have been the Fastes (was but isnt now) but it surely was the most
expensive and Definately had the most expensive tires.  :-)  The age old
question is....if kevlar belted, are they bullet proof.  Speculation among
some writers at the time was that they were.   Anyone want to find out
with tires that expensive though.
	The vehicle had locking differentials in center and front and rear
for rough going.  a leather interior available in many hues i ncluding
Red.  And had a large central tunnel much like the Hummer has.  
	Anyhow, while it wwas fast, I bet the ML55 is faster.  (I know it
is)  Oh yea, I believe it sold for $125,000 each.  Or more but somewhere
close to that.  The LM American got Alloy wheels and a higher trim package
with a nicer front end with brush gaurd, etc.  LM-002 just ahd steel
wheels and basic options.
	Hope that helps someone out there. :-)  cool car, Horrible body
work.  Would love to see it with the Diablo engine. :-)

>I remember AutoWeek claimed that it would do 125mph on sand. Cool.
>David Head wrote:

>> I was watching the irritating rubber band commercial (again), and all I
>> can think of is the Lambo LM2500. Does anyone remember the specs on it?
>> I'm certain it was faster than the ML55.
>> Dave Head

>I think that was called LM002. About as ugly as a Hummer, same engine as
>a Countach, aerodynamics of a small apartment block.

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