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Re: Cruise Control

> Hey there.. thanks for the reply..  I hate to sound ignorant, but im not
> exactly sure which vacuum hose you are referring to (as I am not sure what
> you mean by the pump <i gather from reading the archives there is some
> sort of pump that creates the vacuum for the system>.. but where is this
> pump? :)

Pump: usually near the port end of the firewall, has a 2" round
cylinder, small rectangular section, mounted with three rubber
standoffs.  Electrical connector with rubber cover that has three 1/4"
spade terminals in it.  A couple of hoses connections, one is used (the
other vents I think)

The hose comes out to a Tee, one end goes to the "servo", a little
bellows whose rubber side is connected by a short rod to your throttle
linkages (the parts that move when you push the gas pedal).  the piece
of hose goes through the firewall and connects to both pedal switches
(unless automatic trans...)

There is a moderately useful block diagram of the cruise system at the
url below.

Huw Powell


and if you go to


in the top picture, the servo is pretty much dead center, just above the
orange dip stick, in the bottom photo it is in the left foreground.

There aren't any accidental good pictures of the pump on my car because
unlike hyd. clutch cars it is hidden under the sheet metal.